Tips and Tricks!

Despite my [current] statistics not being too positive, I have in the past 16 years of being overweight learned some things about this weight loss battle. I just struggle as many others do, with them,

From the time i was 13 , weight loss pills and supplements have been something I’ve always wanted to try, until I came upon the weight loss bloggers and realize the photos they used aren’t theirs and everything they say they do don’t work. You can’t eat whatever you want and not workout and still lose weight, I, and i believe many others have learned this the hard way.

1. You have to learn to sacrifice. Ancient cultures sacrificed others to stay alive, however we have it much simpler. sacrificing the piece of cake and going for the salad, it’s had as hell but we can do it. One time I was physically putting a donut in my mouth when I realized “I don’t need this  Take a banana” and I threw the donut away.

2. Know if you want i lose or maintain. I’ve maintained my weight for the past year give or take 5 pounds however I could have lost more if I didn’t eat those extra 300 calories of a poptart and it’s so much harder but worth it in the end.

3. If you plateau for a long time (more than a month) do something about it. Maybe you’re eating too much, too little, check it out ad fix it.

4. You have to exercise, You can lose weight on just eating better but it’ll be quicker and you’ll lose more if you exercise. Do anything! take your dog for a walk, ride your bike, do p90x something everyday. However you have to eat good and exercise. Just doing one and thinking the other is cancelled out will not get you very far. ie don’t go to the gym and then eat ice cream you worked hard at the gym for reason!

5. Make deadlines, Don’t say I want to weigh 120 pounds one day, because one day could be in forever. Make the goal, set a date so that if you don’t reach you try harder to not be too late. Make a start date and a finish date

6. Be realistic in your goals and the short run, Don’t do one crunch and ask where your six-pack is, don’t eat a salad and expect to have lost 5 pounds, It takes time. I lost 30 pounds in a summer I was lucky, it depends o the person and how hard you work.

7. DRINK WATER! A lot of it!

8. Don’t binge. For breakfast I will literally eat the best healthy breakfast ever, and lunch I’ll consume my whole fridge and the neighbors. IT”S NOT GOOD! don’t do it, When you think about it, occupy yourself somehow!

9. Sleep, Your body recovers overnight and burns extra calories the longer you’re awake, the less times the body has to recover, and the more you weigh. So let your body do its work and sleep.

10. Never skip a meal. No, your body won’t go into starvation mode in the blink of an eye, but your metabolism will slow and your stomach will make those sad ‘feed me’ noises and who wants that? no one!

11. Hide the goodies. If you’re me, you’re the only one living the healthy lifestyle, and if your family’s junk is all over the house, you’re going to be more tempted to eat it. HIDE IT SOMEWHERE!

12. Eat slow. IF you eat too quickly your body won’t know you’re full and will keep eating

13. Lights on when you eat. You’ll be more conscious of what you eat and will eat less


Other tips?Comment or email me which you can find in the contact me section!





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