Summer 2k14

Goal #1: Complete the no junk food challenge all summer except for one day a month

Goal #2 Drink at least 60 oz of water everyday

Goal #3 stay clean, wash face after practice/workouts to prevent breakouts

Goal #4 Allow myself to indulge every once in a while, I should love my body, not be limited because of it.

Goal #5 Run a mile. See how much of a difference my mile time in May. 10:45

Goal #6 Eat clean. Fruits, vegetables, lean proteins. the works 🙂

Goal #7 Smile 🙂

Goal #8 Maintain organized. Clean my room often, prepare for senior year. Organize everything


Body part January 1st May 24th
Bicep (l,r)
Wrist (l,r)
Forearm (l,r)
Thigh top (l,r)
Thigh lower (l,r)
Knee (l,r)
Calf top (l,r)
Calf lower (l,r)
Ankle (l,r)
Shoe size 9-10
Shirt size M/l
Bra size 34C
Pant size 8

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