About Me!

Hi! I’m Alicia and I’m 16 years old and this is my newest blog, god I’ve had quite a few (well this is my 2nd) and I abandoned that blog almost a year ago and ever since then I’ve not been seeing the results I’d wanted. So, I’m giving it a go and since I hate reading long paragraphs of nonsense as much as the next here’s a lovely list of things you should know about me!

  1. My birthday is June 12th
  2. My favorite color is blue
  3. I want a chameleon. My friends already call me Rapunzel so why not?
  4. I’m very involved in school so do not get mad if I don’t post daily I play golf, water polo, am EIC of the yearbook, treasurer of my school’s student gov’t, part of NHS, and president of a club where we go to the nursing every Wednesday, plus I have 4(I think) ap classes next year so I’ll be lucky if I have a moment to breathe
  5. I’ll be starting my senior year of high school this fall
  6. I have a dog, 2 turtles, and a bird. I had a ton of fish but my turtle devoured them in one night.
  7. I’m 5’8.5″ ish
  8. Unlike Molly, who has decided everything about her future, I on the other hand still cringe when people ask me where I am going to for college. I’m 16, and heck, Knowing me, I’ll go to college undecided, and I’ll graduate undecided. And then I’ll end up being a chemist, the only thing in life I don’t want to do, minus like being a doctor… eww
  9. I live in Illinois
  10. I don’t post pictures of my face, and probably won’t  until I reach my goal weight, or until further notice.
  11. I moved every year until 2nd grade and I’ve been in that house ever since.
  12. I have a sister, I love how that didn’t come up earlier, but my longing for a chameleon did.
  13. My favorite number is 13. I use that number for the sports I’ve played ever since 8th grade. When I found out who #13 was on the Bulls (Joakim Noah… my favorite player on my favorite team) and that he played the same position as I do, it stuck.
  14. I enjoy writing, taking pictures, being a badass, the works
  15. Likes: sleep, earrings, my phone, fruit (pineapple especially), old people. soft hair, face masks from lush, shoes, dogs, horses, reptiles, music, ketchup, deep-dish pizza, cats, cats on clothes, twitter, instagram,
  16. dislikes spinach, bugs, no wifi, apple juice, when my teacher erases the board but he leaves a little writing not erased, mustard,
  17. Making bulleted lists. Bullets more than numbers but I’ll live with my choice i think.



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